At the Architects Benevolent Society we understand that issues with housing can occur for many reasons. Higher rents, increase in the cost of living and changes in household situations are often factors and can affect everyone.  If you are worried about your housing and are working in the architectural profession (architect, technologist or landscape architect), or a spouse/partner, we may be able to help through our partnership with Shelter UK.

Who is Shelter?

Shelter is a charity helping those who are facing homelessness and bad housing. They offer advice, advocacy, support and legal services. Through our partnership we can offer help in England and Wales.

What we can offer

Shelter provide specialist telephone casework around complex housing issues. They can act as advocates for you when dealing with legal issues. This is a fast track service and you can be seen quickly. Shelter can help with the following:

  • Debt management (insolvency, CCJs, dealing with creditors, etc.)
  • Mortgage/rent arrears
  • House under threat of possession
  • Property becoming unsuitable
  • Victim of domestic abuse and the property is joint owned

If your issue isn’t listed please contact us as we are able to offer advice or support with other issues.

You can contact us by:

phone: 020 7580 2823



post: The Welfare Team, Architects Benevolent Society, 43 Portland Place, London W1B 1QH

Dealing with housing issues can be very stressful and can impact on other aspects of your life such as work, relationships and mental health. Our Welfare Officers are happy to talk you through any problems you may be facing. The best way to contact them is over the phone or online.

You can find more information about Shelter

  • Feeling anxious or stressed?

    We offer practical support to people experiencing anxiety, stress or anxiety based depression through our partnership with Anxiety UK.
  • Corporate Supporter Scheme

    This is a great way for companies to give back and demonstrate a commitment to supporting the wellbeing of people in the profession.
  • Join our team of Ambassadors

    Our ambassadors are volunteers who help us to raise awareness of the work we do or fundraise for us in regions all over the country.