Covid-19 Emergency Appeal


Will you help the architectural community in this time of crisis? The Architects Benevolent Society has seen a sharp 60% increase for support since the coronavirus pandemic started. This demand will continue to increase, and we are appealing to you to urgently help us in this time of great need.

Suddenly, we see ourselves in uncertain times and the world feels like a very different place. The ABS is currently working tirelessly to offer support with our dedicated welfare team at its core, delivering the help that is needed on a level like never seen before. But we need your help so we can achieve this.

By donating today, we can continue to carry out urgent work in assisting individuals and families.

A gift of £60, for example, can provide a one-hour therapy session for a person in crisis – but whatever you feel able to gift would be very greatly appreciated.



All practices, membership bodies and organisations that donate £1,000+ will receive:

  • A logo and a thank you mention featured on our website
  • ABS will share a banner on our social media channels thanking you
  • ABS will provide banners to post on your social media channels to promote the appeal to your members

We’re grateful for any support that is offered, to help us support individuals, families and students as the go through this tough time in dealing with the impact of coronavirus. On behalf of everyone at The Society, thank you so much for being with us through these uncertain times.

If you would prefer to donate in a different way, over the phone for example please click here to find out how to do so.

More ways to support ABS:


Thank you to our major donors:

  • Redundancy Support

    If in the current climate you are facing redundancy please see here for more information, including how the ABS can help you.
  • Here when you need us

    Click here for housing advice, financial assistance, mental health support or legal guidance. Architects Benevolent Society are here to help!
  • ABS Covid-19 Response

    Architects Benevolent Society would like to assure those in the wider architectural community that we are here to help and continue to offer our support services.