Andy's Story

Andy was involved in a freak accident that very nearly cost him his life. He suffered horrendous burns after fumes ignited by a fire pit engulfed him at a family birthday celebration. Andy endured unbearable pain and had to go through several major skin graft operations as part of his recovery.

"I was scared to close my eyes all the way to A&E in case I never opened them again".

Andy was in hospital for two months, during which time his wife was travelling 130 miles a day to visit him, putting her and their two daughters under severe emotional and financial stress.

Andy, a sole trading architect, was unable to work. This placed his family in considerable financial difficulty, with mounting bills and little income to pay them.

The Architects Benevolent Society was able to step in and provide immediate financial support for Andy and his family, giving a monthly grant, and covering the significant petrol costs of travelling to the hospital. At the Society, we always aim to have funds we can use to respond quickly to those in desperate need of help. Accessing insurance money and benefits can take time and so this immediate response was greatly appreciated by Andy and his family.

"They really helped to keep my family on their feet and allowed us to keep going through the really difficult times.”

Andy is back working full time now and, although we are no longer providing financial support, our Welfare Officers are still in contact with him. We wish Andy the best of luck for the future.

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