Rosa Turner Wood

I first gained knowledge of the Architects Benevolent Society when, during my masters, they hosted an event at the Sheffield School of Architecture. In collaboration with the RIBA, ABS sought to raise awareness of mental wellbeing among architecture students and practitioners, and presented the services they could offer those experiencing hardship. Subsequently I used their services to deal with my own mental health needs, and was incredibly impressed with the support ABS staff offered, and the pace with which I was able to access appropriate mental health provision. I believe the intensity of the profession often leads to the neglect of the mental health of its practitioners. Without the work of ABS I know many within the profession would be suffering.

As an Ambassador I have used my role to promote the work of the charity, including hosting a virtual event for Sheffield School of Architecture students (with support from the University’s mental health services). I have also fundraised for the organisation.

ABS is a fantastic charity, providing essential support to architectural practitioners and their families, and I am excited to continue to work in partnership with the organisation.

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