Nico Guillen

I am delighted and honoured to be part of Architect’s Benevolent Society as an Ambassador. I first learnt about the role from a colleague in practice and was deeply impressed by the great work that the Society does for the profession. I hope to contribute to this work with fundraising and through raising awareness of the importance of mental health and wellbeing.

I grew up in Spain and made the move to the UK in my late teens to study architecture. I lived in Canterbury, Glasgow and finally settled in London where I now work as an Architect. My training was a truly enjoyable time of my life, but it did not come without many challenges. I experienced my own struggles with mental health and found it difficult to speak up and get help.

The guidance and kindness I received from my friends and family during this time was invaluable in gaining access to therapy and learning useful coping mechanisms for day-to-day life. I am passionate about helping others in the same way I was helped when I needed it the most. Through my training as a Mental Health First Aider, I endeavour to help those around me whenever possible.

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