Nadia Muwanga (BSc, PGdip)

I am a qualified psychotherapist who specialises in Cognitive and behavioural psychology. I also specialise in different modes of therapy such as Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT), compassion focused therapy (CFT), Acceptance commitment therapy (ACT).

There are various factors that can contribute to our mental health in a positive and negative way. I am passionate about promoting and increasing awareness about mental health and wellbeing and I have over ten years’ worth of experience of designing and delivering training within the mental health sector.

My approach is holistic, and evidence based. My aim is to firstly create a culture of awareness and then look at ways to implement this by providing different strategies and interventions that are sustainable. What I find most important of all is that we are having these conversations. Developing the language and encouraging dialogue around this subject is the first step in a positive direction.

Whilst working within the NHS I gained a real insight into the consequences that delayed intervention can cause to one’s mental health and the benefits of accessing support at the right time. This, along with my growing awareness of the importance of understanding mental health at work, led to my working with a variety of organisations. I have since worked with organisations such as the metropolitan police, charities, universities, and different sized organisations. I help people and organisations to actualise their potential by integrating individual and organisational wellbeing through proactive mental health and wellbeing training creating a culture of high productivity and wellness.

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