Theo's Story

Theo's architect father died not long after his seventeenth birthday after almost eighteen months in a coma following a massive stroke. The strain of spending every day at his hospital bedside took its toll on Theo’s mother who died soon after of pancreatic cancer, which the family often describes as a broken heart. Overnight he became parent to three younger brothers and a sister aged just nine.

Theo (far Right) had to leave university, but once the first few years were behind them and they had settled into a routine, he was able to get a job. The family is now thriving and all the children have grown into confident, outgoing young people. One is studying architecture and another started his first job last year. The youngest two have just finished secondary education and are setting about building careers and independent lives, starting with university. Theo recently married.

This story has had a happy outcome thanks to the family’s strength of character, help and support from an aunt and the ABS being able to provide financial assistance and one to one support when needed. All money inherited from their parents went into closing down their father’s practice, with little left over for the family by the time debts and funeral expenses were paid. They needed help.

Thankfully Theo and his siblings are resourceful; friends, family and charities like the ABS came to their aid too. But the ABS couldn’t have played a part without the donors who regularly make gifts to the Society.

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