Veronica Melek

North West | Students

Hi! My name is Veronica, I am studying to become a chartered Architect. I am a Linguist, I’ve studied languages, obtaining a language degree and fine arts in Rome, Italy and can speak fluently 5 languages: Arabic, English, Italian, Spanish and French.
Before, getting into Salford, I’ve worked extremely hard to achieve D*D*D* (Triple Star Distinctions) at College here in the UK. I came to the UK to pursue my education in architecture and progress in academia. My family comes from a low socio-economic background, we are Egyptian/Italians; and my people represent the minority back home.

I’ve brought my knowledge and awareness of different cultural traditions and cultural history and variety of different cultural cuisines, being mixed Egyptian/Italian and my languages set of skills which has helped me communicate with variety of different people of different society here in the student union.
I’ve also brought my knowledge and love of music, photography, philosophy, fine arts and martial arts to the event. (love for cultures)
I’ve engaged in different competitions and hackathons to enrich my concept development and IT Skills.

Currently, I am a Student Ambassador and Volunteer Ambassador at the University of Salford, I am also the Vice-Chair of SSSA (Salford student Society of Architects). As a confident, patient and friendly individual, I work with students as a mentor for my undergrad students who I mentor on a weekly base. I’ve been providing good advice and guide my mentees into better qualification results if they need clarity or help in achieving their goals.

I’ve also volunteered with children; supervising on different trips and arranging play days.
Fostering a love of learning at an early stage can help students overcome learning barriers that they face. I have a real passion for providing students with the opportunities they need in order to flourish academically and personally. Being the eldest of three, I have grown a desire to enable students to reach their potential at the pace that they are comfortable with, whilst also providing them a safe space to aim higher.

I have been a confidant and a safety net support to many of my students over the years; mentoring them has been the most rewarding experience in my life.

Within the community, I’ve been a regular volunteer with homeless kitchens in Stockport and Oldham. I am a volunteer to Manchester Pride and a committee member, I have been helping the local community with gardening. I am also a volunteer with an organisation called W.E.L Safe to help young people with Mental Health needs and different addictions.

As an Ambassador for ABS, I want to support others finding their voice. I want to support the community to speak up and I want to support them by listening and by providing creative individuals with a space they feel secure, safe to be their authentic selves and be transparent.

Maryame Chlaita

London | Students

The architectural industry focuses on addressing and solving issues involving design and the built environment. But the needs and challenges that communities face should be taken more seriously. ABS certainly achieves a positive impact by supporting the community in this aspect, and I look up to that. It is inspiring to see ABS addressing issues that affect not only the architectural community but all communities, specifically with financial and mental health care. The support provided through the architectural lens strongly resonated with me.

I have always had an interest in the built environment and the impact it has on communities. Throughout my journey in education, my interest in design within the built environment flourished as I worked on my academic projects to address community needs. As a graduate seeking the next stage in my architectural career, joining ABS will allow me to contribute to positive change by having a platform through ABS to spread awareness and offer my time to support in any way I can.


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