Nikolina Georgieva

London | Architectural Assistant

Nikolina is an Architectural Assistant at Eric Parry Architects, currently completing her Part 3 Qualification at the University of Westminster. She holds an Master’s degree with Distinction from the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, where in 2021 she was awarded the Ambrose Poynter Prize for Outstanding Architectural Thesis.

Nikolina is deeply passionate about celebrating diversity and multiculturalism in the architectural profession. She strongly believes that sharing knowledge within academia and practice is fundamental to establishing sustainable and empowering environment, supporting young architects in the pursuit of their professional aspirations. Hence, in the past year, Nikolina has become a mentor on the Building Future Programme at Blueprint for All.

In her role as an ABS Ambassador, Nikolina is enthusiastic about continuing to engage with students and young architects, transitioning from academia to practice. As a graduate during the pandemic, she values the importance of a strong community and healthy personal habits for maintaining one’s mental wellness. With her engagement in ABS, Nikolina will continue to raise awareness about mental health in the architectural field, broadening ABS’s outreach and impact.

Shreenidhi Srinath

London | Architectural Assistant

I decided to join Architect’s Benevolent Society as through my architectural education, I have seen myself and my peers struggle. Helping others to overcome their issues and simply open up has ignited a passion in me to reach out. I needed to channel this energy, and ABS has been an excellent organisation to be amongst like-minded individuals.

Currently undertaking my Part 2 at The London School Of Architecture, I cannot wait to build upon my professional network to spread the much needed positive energy of ABS. I am passionate in specifically how we can tackle the pressures of architectural education in the way students are expected to learn and perform.

I hope to help build a new generation of architects with a sustainably healthy mindset.

Asim Hanif

North West | Architectural Assistant

Asim Hanif is an Architectural Assistant at Jacobs Engineering UK. He studied at both undergraduate and postgraduate level at the Manchester School of Architecture, and has previously worked at Canadian firm IBI Group on specialist healthcare masterplans, comprising of community services, hospitals and medical research facilities. He takes particular interests in exploring methods to create resilient, technologically-advanced urban environments and has promoted the use of AI and biomimetics throughout his work in academia and practice.

He says, “Without a doubt, the rewarding part of practicing in the field of Architecture is to see the impact our work is having on real communities, but this shouldn’t mean that we stop looking out for our own community. In most cases, it isn’t easy to spot (or accept) the signs that you or someone around you may be struggling, and needs to get support. There are many personal and professional factors within the realm of Architecture which can affect employment, physical/mental wellbeing and financial stability. By supporting the work of the ABS, I hope to advocate for healthier home and working environments, and raise awareness that it’s common to get help. The ABS has a number of excellent partnerships that are readily available to support the Architecture community in various ways – we just need to reach out to them!”

Úna Haran

South East | Architectural Assistant

Hello, my name is Úna (pronounced “oo-na”) and my pronouns are she/her/hers. I am a Part II architectural assistant with 51 architecture, specialising in historical research, and sustainable design including lifecycle carbon assessment. My research interests include biodiverse landscape architecture, and low-impact building technologies. I trained at the University of Brighton and The Bartlett School of Architecture. I love gardening and swimming in the sea in Brighton where I live.

Marno Herinckx

London | Architectural Assistant

I’m Marno and I head up the RIBA Appointments division. I’m over the moon to have the chance to represent and support the Society as an Ambassador.  In my line of work, assisting architects to find new jobs and practices alike, I have learnt of the difficulties architects face when they are unemployed or have been made redundant.

My team and I need to be more than just recruiters; we need to be able to assist our candidates and have a deeper understanding of how to help members of the profession experiencing troubling circumstances. I want to help.

I learned of the Society via the Samaritans in Mental Health Week and now have the chance to get involved and do my best to make even more of a difference.

Sophie Gunertane

London | Architectural Assistant

I am extremely proud to represent the Architect’s Benevolent Society and help to raise awareness of mental illness and how the ABS can help those suffering within the Architectural community.

I am currently a Part 1 Architectural Assistant at Sonnemann Toon Architects and will be starting my Part 2 Masters at the University of Westminster in September 2019.  I, like so many other students, experienced a period of ill mental health during my undergraduate degree and wasn’t aware of the options and support available to me. For this reason, I feel extremely passionate about encouraging an open conversation, within universities and the workplace, about mental health and raising awareness of the links that ABS have with Anxiety UK and the therapy that they can provide.

I have met so many wonderfully passionate people through volunteering for ABS and have been really inspired by the success of the Anxiety Arch campaign and their growth over the last year. Volunteering as an ambassador is really rewarding and I hope to continue to support the architectural profession through this role and my educational and professional networks.

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Rosa Turner Wood

North East | Architectural Assistant

I first gained knowledge of the Architects Benevolent Society when, during my masters, they hosted an event at the Sheffield School of Architecture. In collaboration with the RIBA, ABS sought to raise awareness of mental wellbeing among architecture students and practitioners, and presented the services they could offer those experiencing hardship. Subsequently I used their services to deal with my own mental health needs, and was incredibly impressed with the support ABS staff offered, and the pace with which I was able to access appropriate mental health provision. I believe the intensity of the profession often leads to the neglect of the mental health of its practitioners. Without the work of ABS I know many within the profession would be suffering.

As an Ambassador I have used my role to promote the work of the charity, including hosting a virtual event for Sheffield School of Architecture students (with support from the University’s mental health services). I have also fundraised for the organisation.

ABS is a fantastic charity, providing essential support to architectural practitioners and their families, and I am excited to continue to work in partnership with the organisation.

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Alice Dammery

South East | Architectural Assistant

It was wonderful to be asked to be an ambassador for The Architects Benevolent Society. They help raise awareness and promote positive mental health and well-being within the architecture profession and at universities.

Tom, Mark, Katie and everyone are really enthusiastic and have created a wonderful community of ABS ambassadors from all over the UK. It was great to be invited to one of their training sessions at Portland Place where we enjoyed insightful discussions with like-mined people – many of whom I still keep in touch with at various events throughout the year!

I first heard about The Architects Benevolent Society in 2017 as an March, final year student at The University of Nottingham. Since then, I have kept in touch and now work as a Part 2 Architectural Assistant for Purcell in the South.


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