Bryony-Dennis-ABS Ambassador 2024

Bryony Dennis

West Midlands | Architect

ABS is a fantastic organisation, which I am delighted to be a part of. I first learned of the organisation during my master’s education and, now as a qualified architect, I am excited to dedicate time to spreading the word, helping run events and supporting their ongoing work.

Throughout my education and career, I have remained passionate about promoting inclusivity and diversity within the architectural industry, and I aim to support and encourage accessibility within the field. I believe financial support, outreach activities and social events are great tools to help towards achieving this.

I believe it is essential for all individuals to receive support for mental health and well-being. I am delighted that ABS is taking practical measures to provide this support within the architectural profession.

I am honoured to be a part of ABS’ work to support and bolster the profession to provide services for those who would benefit from some support.


Naomi Gilbert

West Midlands | Landscape architect

I have recently passed my Chartership to become a Landscape Architect, which was a much more arduous process than I expected. I enjoy working at RPS and working with different disciplines and am proud how supportive the company is. We have mental health first-aiders and there is a health and wellbeing committee.

I know that not every company is so supportive and  that ABS was there for me when I got made redundant during lockdown. They provided support and advice as well as financial support until I could find another role.


Kavita Dhande

West Midlands | Architect

Kavita is an Architect at Corstorphine and Wright Architects and her passion for architecture derives from her love of craft, detailing and creating. She has an avid interest in social responsibility, sustainability and working with young adults and children and architecture. She leads the CSR team at C&W and is an active RIBA Architect’s Ambassador delivering architectural workshop’s for children in schools as well as being involved in architectural and design related family days.

Kavita also currently sits on the Board of the Birmingham Architectural Association and is the social media manager. Having been involved with the BAA since the revival, Kavita is excited to launch a ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ ground and will lead whilst continuing her involvement with Women in Architecture and BCO. Formerly, Kavita has sat on Student Councils for her universities and acted as a Student and Course representative for Architecture as well as co-founding the Northumbria Architecture Society.


Amy Francis-Smith

West Midlands | Architect

I became involved with the ABS to help spread the message of their good work, my own personal experience of battling sudden extreme ill health, where I was forced to take time off studying/working for several years, helps me to empathise with others facing similar hardship.

I had heard about the ABS some years ago, but assumed it was only for fully qualified architects; it was only later did I realise it was open to students and other professionals as well and that there could have been some financial and mental health support available to me.

Through articles, guest blogs, social media and running events, I hope to reduce the stigma of mental illness in the industry and avoid others struggling.

I am an Architect, the Vice-President of the Birmingham Architectural Association, Shaw Trust’s Power 100 2020 & 2021 top most influential Disabled people in the UK, shortlisted for the National Diversity award’s Disability Role Model and a passionate advocate for Inclusive Design/Accessible Housing.

My work and research focuses on providing decent accommodations across the Built Environment for those with a spectrum of disabilities and mental health issues. I sit on Habinteg’s advisory board (an accessible housing association), a Design Council Expert, lobby government to improve the Building Regulations and help educated students and professionals on their social responsibility.

Simeon Shtebunaev

West Midlands |

I first got involved with the Society regarding the work that they were piloting to raise awareness about mental health and develop a support network. The dedication of the team, their expertise and genuine passion to better the lives of others struck me as exceptional and motivated me to become more engaged.

The collaboration with Anxiety UK that the Society has developed is an incredible resource to all the architectural community. Their commitment to interdisciplinary support and ambitions to help as many people as possible, including early career professionals, are admirable.
I am currently a Doctoral Researcher in Urban Planning at Birmingham City University, Student Representative on the RIBA National Council and co-Vice-President of the RIBA for Students and Associates. I am passionate to support young people in any stage of their development and to signpost them to organisations such as the Society that can help their development.

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