James Brown

South West | Architect

Hi I’m James and I’m a dad, husband, dog-owner and architect. I am the director at a small, award-winning architectural practice that focusses on domestic, small commercial and community projects across North Somerset & the South West. As well as designing lovely places to live, work & play, I also engage with academic institutions at all levels; ranging from STEM/STEAM workshops at primary schools, careers advice and work experience at secondary school & academies, right up to university level where I help and mentor undergrad and masters students.

I have been involved in the architecture industry in some capacity for the best part of 20 years, and throughout both the long-haul of education and then working from micro to global scales, I have witnessed an epidemic of poor mental health. This results in people really suffering with stress, anxiety and depression, which as an industry of highly-skilled, professional problem solvers, always puzzled me as to why this continued to go unaddressed.

In seeking out answers I discovered the ABS, and having witnessed the incredible support they offer to our industry, I endeavoured to be involved in the sharing of the invaluable resources they can provide to both our profession and student cohorts. Being a proud ambassador empowers me to share awareness of the support available, learn and continue to champion the changing attitudes towards mental health, and I’m looking forward to stimulating positive, open conversations with students, academics and professionals, as well as enjoying some social fundraising at every opportunity!

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