Úna Haran

South East | Architectural Assistant

Hello, my name is Úna (pronounced “oo-na”) and my pronouns are she/her/hers. I am a Part II architectural assistant with 51 architecture, specialising in historical research, and sustainable design including lifecycle carbon assessment. My research interests include biodiverse landscape architecture, and low-impact building technologies. I trained at the University of Brighton and The Bartlett School of Architecture. I love gardening and swimming in the sea in Brighton where I live.

Tom Gray

South East | Architectural Technologist

I am delighted to be part of the wider architectural profession by supporting ABS as an ambassador. The charity is phenomenal and its an honour to be part of this growing family, it goes to show your never alone.

As a Senior Chartered Architectural Technologist and Building Engineer, working for a Chartered RIBA practice in Kent, I am very much aware of the pressures that come with our industry and of course the additional challenges of daily life. Having experienced stress and anxiety during my career resulting in time off from work, I am acutely aware of the support this charity provides and how there is no shame in seeking help and support. Following my own mental health experience, I made a conscious decision to speak up and where I can help others. This resulted in me becoming a certified mental health first aider and joining the CIAT Equality and Diversity Taskforce. I am determined to contribute positively to promoting safe and supportive communities for all our industry professionals.

Charlotte Simpson-Munro

South East | Architect

I am an Associate Architect working for an international practice in Hampshire and I also lecture part-time in Professional Practice for the University of Portsmouth.

Being an Ambassador for the Architect’s Benevolent Society and raising awareness for them is an invaluable alliance that helps support my colleagues in practice and my students at the university, as well as others within the wider architectural industry.

I first got involved with ABS when both my colleagues in practice and my students were affected in their personal lives and the work place, with mental health or other issues, and I felt like I could do more to assist.  I have of course felt the pressures of the business, and life, and this only allows me to relate better to those I want to help.  I have a passion for mentoring and believe that education and awareness is the principle way to break stigma.

It is important to know that ABS is not limited to mental health and their assistance and knowledge goes much further.  Their work with Anxiety UK however proves an incredible resource. I am very excited to see collaboration and change.

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Alice Dammery

South East | Architectural Assistant

It was wonderful to be asked to be an ambassador for The Architects Benevolent Society. They help raise awareness and promote positive mental health and well-being within the architecture profession and at universities.

Tom, Mark, Katie and everyone are really enthusiastic and have created a wonderful community of ABS ambassadors from all over the UK. It was great to be invited to one of their training sessions at Portland Place where we enjoyed insightful discussions with like-mined people – many of whom I still keep in touch with at various events throughout the year!

I first heard about The Architects Benevolent Society in 2017 as an March, final year student at The University of Nottingham. Since then, I have kept in touch and now work as a Part 2 Architectural Assistant for Purcell in the South.

Darren Bray

South East | Architect

The main motivation for becoming involved in ABS, has been due to the amazing support they have given to some of the students that I have taught recently, who have been struggle with different aspects of mental health.

I believe, those of us, who are in a position, to give back to the profession, should see it as our duty, to help and assist the next generation, therefore I see ABS, in playing a significant part of the future of the architectural profession.

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