David Comiskey

Northern Ireland | Architectural Technologist

I am a Chartered Architectural Technologist and a Senior Lecturer in Architectural Technology at Ulster University. It is an honour to be an ambassador for the Architects Benevolent Society (ABS), with my support stemming from what I see as a responsibility, in my role as an academic, to promote the message to the next generation that it is OK not to feel OK and to reach out for help if and when it is needed. This not only relates to mental wellbeing, but in all aspects of life. We are all human and from time to time need support, advice and encouragement. I see my role as not only promoting the great work of ABS, but being that person that individuals can reach out to if they are in need of help.

Photo of ABS President Eddie Weir

ABS President Eddie Weir PPCIAT

Northern Ireland | Architectural Technologist

I am a Chartered Architectural Technologist and a Practice Principal and currently hold the positions of CIAT Vice-President Practice and Chairman of the Northern Ireland Region.

Those who know me know I am passionate and proud of my Institute and my profession. This passion is a huge motivator and is the reason why I give my time so freely to the issues that are close to me.

We are forward thinking modern professionals, we’re ambitious, we’re driven and we must be adaptable to keep up to date with the future trends while we practice – in which most times can be a demanding environment. For some these demands can take their toll and can detrimentally manifest themselves in many forms. It is absolutely incredible to know that the Society is here to offer help and support to those in our profession who may be experiencing difficult times. For this, I shall continue as always to promote the incredible support that ABS offers to our architectural professions.

Alina Holyst

Northern Ireland | Architect

I am honoured to join the Society as a Northern Ireland Ambassador. I have a deep understanding of difficulties that the architectural profession can face as I was one of the beneficiaries.

I faced a number of challenges during the recession. My struggle was compounded by a very unfortunate family events and long term illness. With continued help from the Society I finally resolved my issues.

Currently I am a RIBA Chartered Architect and Urban Planner. I am accomplished in working with international stakeholders and I lecture at the Queen’s University Belfast. I am a board member of a number of architectural organisations in Northern Ireland and work as a project architect on exciting schemes in County Down.

My involvement with the Society is not only reciprocal, it is a friendship.

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