Ana Souto

East Midlands | Support members

Dr Ana Souto is the Director of Doctoral Programmes and a Senior Lecturer in Architecture at the School of Architecture, Design and Built Environment. Ana plays a key role in the development and leadership of the research modules on undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Architecture. She also supervises PhD and Professional Doctorate candidates in the areas of Architecture, Identity, Heritage and Memory. Ana’s research interest lies in architecture as a cultural manifestation of national identity. Her current research explores the connections between identity, memory and heritage, sense of belonging and ownership of the built environment, using a participatory methodology


Shona Sivamohan

East Midlands | Architect

After completing my Masters at The University of Edinburgh, I began my Part 3 studies at The University of Nottingham. Whilst completing my Part 3, I also qualified as a yoga instructor. I am now an Architect working in Nottingham and also teach yoga classes to colleagues and students at the University of Nottingham. Architecture is a demanding course; on top of that I struggled with anxiety during my Undergraduate studies and had to deal with the shock and grief of losing a parent during my Masters. At the time I was unable to get support from my university and I wish I had known about ABS as I may have got the immediate help I needed. As an ABS ambassador I hope to help spread the word on the work ABS does and the support they offer, so that others in similar situations to what I had been in are aware they can always be supported during difficult times.

Neil Scroxton

East Midlands | Architect

Working with the ABS is an opportunity to give back to a community of people, friends and colleagues who give so much to me.  I love my job and as an Architect and employer. The interactions I have with people and the positive energy that is created throughout our industry makes each day enjoyable…  Ok, makes most days enjoyable…  But if I were to lose that, if illness or injury were to take the tools of my trade away and make it impossible to work, it would break my heart.  Beyond that, the fiscal burden would just be salt in the wound.

Being able to offer support during such difficult time helps to lighten the load and frees the mind of worry and that is why I jumped at the chance to spread the good word…  Oh, and they wanted to call me an Ambassador which made me feel very important, and kind of swung it for me really!

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