Arshya-Mittal-Ambassador-May 2024

Arshya Mittal

Scotland | Architect

I first learnt about Architects Benevolent Society in 2022 as an undergraduate Architecture student at Manchester School of Architecture, and as a member and chair of the Manchester Student Society of Architecture (MSSA). Since then I have wanted to get involved as an ambassador as I feel aligned with the goals and fundamental values of ABS. I found a lot of growth in learning about and how to manage my mental health as a student and wish to be a part of a network that creates resources to help young people navigate this profession, as I myself grow in my career. I am very excited to be an ambassador and look forward to it!

Stephen Fisher-Ambassador-Apr 2024

Stephen Fisher

North West | Architect

I discovered the Architects Benevolent Society through another Ambassador which emphasises the importance of the Ambassador programme in raising awareness across the industry. I approached ABS for their support and services for my own mental health. I felt extremely fortunate to have access to their services and conscious that this is not always the case beyond our industry. ABS can profoundly improve people’s situations if those that are experiencing challenging times. I am determined to help fundraise for ABS and extend their outreach by promoting their wonderful work and services to as many people as I can.

The pressures in the architectural profession have the potential to sideline mental health across a range of workplaces, and an even greater reduction in visibility for those in smaller workplaces. As a qualified architect in a small startup practice I am passionate that all workplaces across the UK should have the same awareness and access to services across the board.

ABS offers a vital range of services to those in our industry and those associated with them. I am keen to do my best to help raise awareness of their invaluable services and encourage people to be open and transparent in seeking out support.

Marina Konstantopoulou

London | Architect

Marina is an architect working for Hayhurst and Co in London. After completing her Bsc[hons] and M[arch] Architectural studies at Strathclyde University in Glasgow, she moved to London where she passed her Part 3 qualification in 2023 at the University of Westminster. Marina has also volunteered in Access Aspiration programme and is gradually exploring different means to contribute in processes that address principles of place-making and social engagement.

Following personal challenges during both her academic and professional journey, she is motivated to raise mental health awareness, offer support to individuals that may be facing similar or different challenges. The Architect’s Benevolent Society offers support and promotes collective values that are integral to the wellbeing and prosperity of the Architectural community. Being an Ambassador for the Architect’s Benevolent Society offers an invaluable opportunity to contribute to the multitude of causes the Society supports, raise collective awareness and empathy within the profession.

ABS Ambassador image-JoshuaHinh

Joshua Hinh

London | Architect

Joshua is an architect working at Eric Parry Architects, after recently completing his Part 3 Qualification at the University of Westminster. He completed his Master’s degree at the Mackintosh School of Architecture, The Glasgow School of Art whilst also spending a semester in Iceland.

Joshua is passionate about engaging with the community and supporting people to achieve their goals, which also see him as a mentor on the Building Future Programme at Blueprint for All, supporting students in architecture in their studies. Furthermore, his passion for engaging with the community has led to him becoming a Local Authority School Governor, in Southwest London helping a school navigate through a masterplan redevelopment. Joshua is also a Community Leader for the charity ONE Campaign which aims to eradicate preventable diseases and extreme poverty by 2030.

He first became aware of ABS’s work through the annual Chicken Run in London, in which he learnt about the remarkable work that ABS do throughout the architecture profession, which has led him to be more engaged with ABS and promote its message throughout the field. As an ABS Ambassador, he aims to promote and support the architectural community particularly fostering and supporting future generations of architects going through their studies and helping broaden the impact of ABS, helping it reach more of the profession and supporting its members.

Bryony-Dennis-ABS Ambassador 2024

Bryony Dennis

West Midlands | Architect

ABS is a fantastic organisation, which I am delighted to be a part of. I first learned of the organisation during my master’s education and, now as a qualified architect, I am excited to dedicate time to spreading the word, helping run events and supporting their ongoing work.

Throughout my education and career, I have remained passionate about promoting inclusivity and diversity within the architectural industry, and I aim to support and encourage accessibility within the field. I believe financial support, outreach activities and social events are great tools to help towards achieving this.

I believe it is essential for all individuals to receive support for mental health and well-being. I am delighted that ABS is taking practical measures to provide this support within the architectural profession.

I am honoured to be a part of ABS’ work to support and bolster the profession to provide services for those who would benefit from some support.


Charlotte Tunney

London |

I represent the Architectural community as a Practice Manager, working for an award-winning, London based architecture studio.

Prior to this, I was the Finance & HR Director for a unique London hospitality offering and have over 10 years’ experience of working with creative businesses. I am also an alumni mentor for fledgling graduates of Nottingham Trent University, providing one on one support as they enter the creative industries.

Through this work I am aware of the pressures placed on individuals as they complete their studies and within the workplace. And having experienced these pressures first hand in recent years, I know how important it is to have access to the right support at the right time.

I am incredibly passionate and excited about the work that ABS does, in particularly its partnerships with Anxiety UK and other organisations, to promote the health, wellbeing and good working practices for those in the industry. And by working in a support role for the profession, I look forward to advocating and supporting fundraising for the charity, not only through my colleagues but our extended network.

Nikolina Georgieva

London | Architectural Assistant

Nikolina is an Architectural Assistant at Eric Parry Architects, currently completing her Part 3 Qualification at the University of Westminster. She holds an Master’s degree with Distinction from the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, where in 2021 she was awarded the Ambrose Poynter Prize for Outstanding Architectural Thesis.

Nikolina is deeply passionate about celebrating diversity and multiculturalism in the architectural profession. She strongly believes that sharing knowledge within academia and practice is fundamental to establishing sustainable and empowering environment, supporting young architects in the pursuit of their professional aspirations. Hence, in the past year, Nikolina has become a mentor on the Building Future Programme at Blueprint for All.

In her role as an ABS Ambassador, Nikolina is enthusiastic about continuing to engage with students and young architects, transitioning from academia to practice. As a graduate during the pandemic, she values the importance of a strong community and healthy personal habits for maintaining one’s mental wellness. With her engagement in ABS, Nikolina will continue to raise awareness about mental health in the architectural field, broadening ABS’s outreach and impact.

Mária Miličková

North West |

I am an Urban Designer originally from Slovakia currently working in the North-West of UK.

It is exciting to become an Ambassador for ABS, as I have my personal journey with anxiety and stress and I strongly believe that everyone should have access to resources that support mental health wellbeing, especially in an industry that can create a lot of pressure, like the built environment. As an Ambassador I would like to use my platform to help spread awareness and provide support to my colleagues and anyone who needs it.

Naomi Gilbert

West Midlands | Landscape architect

I have recently passed my Chartership to become a Landscape Architect, which was a much more arduous process than I expected. I enjoy working at RPS and working with different disciplines and am proud how supportive the company is. We have mental health first-aiders and there is a health and wellbeing committee.

I know that not every company is so supportive and  that ABS was there for me when I got made redundant during lockdown. They provided support and advice as well as financial support until I could find another role.


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