Stephen Fisher

Stephen Fisher-Ambassador-Apr 2024

I discovered the Architects Benevolent Society through another Ambassador which emphasises the importance of the Ambassador programme in raising awareness across the industry. I approached ABS for their support and services for my own mental health. I felt extremely fortunate to have access to their services and conscious that this is not always the case beyond our industry. ABS can profoundly improve people’s situations if those that are experiencing challenging times. I am determined to help fundraise for ABS and extend their outreach by promoting their wonderful work and services to as many people as I can.

The pressures in the architectural profession have the potential to sideline mental health across a range of workplaces, and an even greater reduction in visibility for those in smaller workplaces. As a qualified architect in a small startup practice I am passionate that all workplaces across the UK should have the same awareness and access to services across the board.

ABS offers a vital range of services to those in our industry and those associated with them. I am keen to do my best to help raise awareness of their invaluable services and encourage people to be open and transparent in seeking out support.

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