Irina Adam

Architecture is such a wonderful and rewarding field to work in and at the same time it’s full of so many challenges and obstacles. From the high pressure and lengthy route to qualification, to the lack of diversity in the profession and the unhealthy working culture in many offices where overtime and poor work / life boundaries are the norm. I know from my peer group the strain these issues can place on finances and mental health, and also how much of a positive difference the right help at the right time can make on someone’s life.

ABS are a compassionate group of people who are fantastic with the quick interventions – the help they offered me personally via the counselling sessions with Anxiety UK has been so tailored and so impactful that I was incredibly excited for the opportunity to be an ambassador. There is still huge stigma around mental health struggles within the construction industry which prevents so many people from seeking help. I think the work ABS do plays a big role in stopping this vicious cycle and I am keen to reach out to others, to make sure they are not struggling in silence and are aware of the help that is available.

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