Asim Hanif

Asim Hanif is an Architectural Assistant at Jacobs Engineering UK. He studied at both undergraduate and postgraduate level at the Manchester School of Architecture, and has previously worked at Canadian firm IBI Group on specialist healthcare masterplans, comprising of community services, hospitals and medical research facilities. He takes particular interests in exploring methods to create resilient, technologically-advanced urban environments and has promoted the use of AI and biomimetics throughout his work in academia and practice.

He says, “Without a doubt, the rewarding part of practicing in the field of Architecture is to see the impact our work is having on real communities, but this shouldn’t mean that we stop looking out for our own community. In most cases, it isn’t easy to spot (or accept) the signs that you or someone around you may be struggling, and needs to get support. There are many personal and professional factors within the realm of Architecture which can affect employment, physical/mental wellbeing and financial stability. By supporting the work of the ABS, I hope to advocate for healthier home and working environments, and raise awareness that it’s common to get help. The ABS has a number of excellent partnerships that are readily available to support the Architecture community in various ways – we just need to reach out to them!”

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