Corporate Supporter Scheme

Would your business like the opportunity to give something back to the profession?

Are you keen to increase your competitive advantage through developing your corporate social responsibility?

Do you want to demonstrate a commitment to supporting the wellbeing of people working in your profession?

If the answer is yes to any of the above, then consider joining our Corporate Supporter Scheme, which is open to businesses of all sizes, from sole practitioners to multi-disciplinary practices.

Our scheme consists of three levels depending on the annual amount pledged, with corresponding benefits at each level.

Our scheme is designed to:

•       enhance the corporate social responsibility profile of our corporate supporters
•       enable long term relationships between us and our corporate supporters
•       contribute to sustainable funding for the Society enabling us to continue to provide much needed help for those who need it
•       reach out to more people who may need to contact us for help

  • Feeling anxious or stressed?

    We offer practical support to people experiencing anxiety, stress or anxiety based depression through our partnership with Anxiety UK.
  • Upcoming events

    Find out what events we have coming up, or see how you can host your own event in aid of ABS. There are always fun and creative ways you can get involved.
  • Corporate Supporter Scheme

    This is a great way for companies to give back and demonstrate a commitment to supporting the wellbeing of people in the profession.