Redundancy Support

Facing redundancy? ABS can help                                      

Dealing with Redundancy
For information about redundancy, your rights, and how to cope with redundancy the following links are useful:

To calculate redundancy pay entitlement see:
If your employer is insolvent see:

Concerns about debt and income
If you have no, or limited, savings to fall back on and need immediate or medium-term financial support, ABS may be able to help with a regular monthly grant to help both with basic living expenses and sustainable housing costs. After a discussion with one of our Welfare Officers you would need to complete an application form to provided details of your and your household’s current finances.

You may need advice and support with managing budgeting or current debts, and it is recommended you seek debt management advice as soon as possible. The following links can help with this:

Worried about losing you home?
ABS has a partnership with Shelter (England) and can arrange a fast track referral for case work advice and support if you are at risk of losing your rented or mortgaged home. You are welcome to speak to you Welfare Team about this. 

State Support
To qualify for financial help from ABS you would be expected to claim any welfare benefit support you are entitled to. Financial support from ABS is intended to be in addition to, not to replace, entitlement to state support. It is worth remembering that any regular financial support from a charity is disregarded for the purposes of means tested benefits, so any such help would not affect your state benefit entitlement. 

It is likely that if you have recently become unemployed but are fit to work you would need to apply for either ‘new style’ (i.e. contribution based) Job Seekers Allowance (JSA) and/or Universal Credit (UC) . The advantage of the former is that your savings and capital (or your partner’s savings, capital and income) are not taken into account when claiming New Style JSA.  You can find out more about these benefits, and how to calculate possible entitlement, from the links below.

It is important you apply for Universal Credit as soon as you think you might be entitled to it as there is a five-week period when, even if entitled to help, you will not get any financial support. Your claim starts from the date you first apply.  Whilst capital assets of up to £6000 are disregarded should you receive earnings or income after you apply, e.g. final salary, this will affect the amount paid in your initial payment(s). This means it sometimes makes sense to apply after you have received the expected income, if you can afford to wait until then.  If unsure you can speak to one of our Welfare officers about this. The Society can look at helping financially whilst you wait for an award to be made, should this be necessary. 

If you are thinking of applying for Universal Credit as a self-employed person, we would recommend that you speak to one of our Welfare Officers first as the way this benefit works for self-employed people is different.

Psychological support
The impact of redundancy is not just financial, and sometimes it can be hard to cope. If you’re struggling with the emotional effects of redundancy, perhaps suffering from sleepless nights, depression or anxiety, ABS can help by arranging a referral to its partner Anxiety UK.  After a telephone assessment with Anxiety UK, should you and they feel it is appropriate, they can recommend and arrange a course of short-term therapeutic support with an accredited therapist. ABS would fund any Anxiety UK recommended support.

Getting back to work
It is important to start looking for a new job as soon as you can. ABS partners with Renovo, who can offer a Job Search Support Programme. The Renovo factsheet provides more information about how this works.

Helpline: 020 3918 8588 

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