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In this uncertain and worrying time, many people will find themselves suddenly in a position they never thought possible. Although it may not be an easy thing to do, in this time of crisis it is better to seek help at an early stage although we appreciate that for some the ABS may be the last resort.

ABS has a long history of providing help to architecture professionals and their families in such circumstances. We continue to be  here to help at this difficult time: providing advice, support and financial assistance, delivered by our Welfare Team in partnership with Anxiety UK, Shelter and Law Express. The ways that we can help:

If your income has reduced or stopped, we can provide grants to help with day to day living expenses for a period.

Our financial support is intended to complement state financial support, and we ask that you apply for any state support available to you.

The situation is changing quickly, and support is being updated almost daily. It can be confusing. Our Welfare Team have found the links below  useful as they provide clear summaries of current help available: 


www.gov.uk for a variety of services including how your local council can help with Covid-19 and what to do if you don’t have food, money or housing.

We understand that some of this financial support takes time to come through. In the meantime, if you are struggling financially, please contact us 020 3918 8588.

We are unable to help with business expenses or debts. The links below are a good starting point for advice: 

Facing Redundancy?

For information about redundancy, your rights, and how to cope with redundancy the following links are useful:


For help and advice on dealing with redundancy, calculating redundancy pay, and if your employer is insolvent www.gov.uk website is helpful:

Concerns about debt and income
If you have no, or limited, savings to fall back on and need immediate or medium-term financial support, ABS may be able to help with a regular monthly grant to help both with basic living expenses and sustainable housing costs.  After a discussion with one of our Welfare Officers you would need to complete an application form to provided details of your and your household’s current finances.

You may need advice and support with managing budgeting or current debts, and it is recommended you seek debt management advice as soon as possible.


Worried about losing you home?
ABS has a partnership with Shelter (England) and can arrange a fast track referral for case work advice and support if you are at risk of losing your rented or mortgaged home Please see below.

Psychological support
The impact of redundancy is not just financial, and sometimes it can be hard to cope. If you’re struggling with the emotional effects of redundancy, perhaps suffering from sleepless nights, depression or anxiety, ABS can help by arranging a referral to its partner Anxiety UK. Please see below.

Getting back to work
It is important to start looking for a new job as soon as you can. ABS partners with Renovo, who can offer a Job Search Support Programme. Contact us for more information about how this works.

Helpline: 020 3918 8588

Support from our partner organisations is funded by ABS

You may be experiencing higher levels of anxiety and stress caused by the current crisis and its impact on your daily life.

Our partner Anxiety UK can provide advice on self-management techniques, call the helpline 0844 848 7921 or email abs@anxietyuk.org.uk

Anxiety UK’s coronavirus resources are at www.anxietyuk.org.uk

Preventative help can be effective, please don’t wait until it all becomes overwhelming for you. Stay in touch with friends, family and colleagues in order to reduce feelings of isolation.

If you feel you need more focused support, please call and speak to our Welfare Team to discuss a referral for therapeutic support 020 3918 8588.

If you are experiencing a housing issue such as mortgage or rent arrears or a possession order, Shelter can provide specialist advice and representation.
Please call us to discuss a referral.

If you need some initial legal advice, our partner Law Express can offer telephone advice by experienced advisors for a range of legal concerns. Advice is independent and confidential.
Call us to discuss gaining access to this service.

We are here when you need us. Please contact us today.
020 3918 8588 | help@absnet.org.uk | www.absnet.org.uk

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