The Lowe Family story

Gideon is our gorgeous, funny and affectionate 5 year old. He’s our third child in a family of four boys. Gideon has Prader Willi Syndrome, a genetic condition that causes development delay, learning and behavioural difficulties and hyperphagia: an overwhelming hunger that can’t be satiated. These difficulties mean he needs numerous hospital and therapy appointments and requires constant supervision to keep him safe.

These challenges have meant that Rae has had to give up work in order to ensure Gideon gets the care he need. This has led to significant financial difficulties for us; Gideon will require life-long care, so it is unlikely that Rae will be able to return to work.

I approached the Architects Benevolent Society, hoping they could help in some way. From the very first contact, the Society has been hugely helpful and supportive. A representative visited us in our home to find out the best way that they could help us – support offered was both practical and emotional.

The financial support the Society has provided has made such a huge difference to our family. Raising a disabled child is challenging, and getting help can be hard. It’s hard to fully express what a difference the Society has made to us as a family; I feel that we now have some breathing space to plan ahead a little.
The work the ABS does is so important; for our family, it’s been a lifeline.

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