Chris's Story

The ABS helped architect Chris Francis financially while he recovered from a severe back injury. He tells his story here to encourage you to support the ABS...
“Like most of you, I never used to pay much attention to the Architects Benevolent Society. I could not conceive of circumstances in which it would ever be relevant to me. Then I broke my back in February 2005. Nine weeks flat bed rest followed two operations to fix my spine as my world untidily came tumbling down around me.

Whilst I had income protection insurance, that did not kick in for six months, during which the mortgage, council tax and other bills still had to be paid. The only certainties I had were that by the time I was discharged from hospital I would be in debt and on a reduced income.

Peta Whiston of the ABS visited me in hospital in March and quickly arranged for £150 per month to be granted to me for six months, which helped greatly. The amount of money, whilst very helpful, was nothing compared with the enormous psychological boost that the grant gave me. It seemed like a vote of confidence.

I have recovered sufficiently to return to work part-time and lead a full life, though my Argentinean tango will never be the same. I now fully understand the relevance of the ABS.

All I had to do to find out was break my back.”

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