Welfare Team

Our welfare team are the heart of our work and visit each beneficiary at least once every year. The help and comfort they give are often the most valuable support that the Architects Benevolent Society can give to those who are in real distress. 

They offer a friendly ear as well as confidential support and advice about accessing state benefits and give assistance with housing concerns, needs related to care and mobility in the home (like stair lifts) and much more. They travel to all parts of England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland, supporting our beneficiaries.

You can apply for help .

The Team Members:

  •   Welfare Officer
  •   Welfare Officer

Helen Stanley Welfare Officer  

"After many years as a qualified social worker I wanted a new challenge, so I joined the ABS in 2011. I like the dignity and independence that characterises the assistance that the Society provides and hope that individuals of working age and their families will increasingly see the charity as an important resource in times of difficulty.  I enjoy cycling and have been known to visit beneficiaries on my bicycle!"

Aidan Cullen Welfare Officer  

"Originally from Ireland, I have lived and worked in London since the mid ‘80s, completing my Social Work training in the UK.  I worked in both the voluntary and statutory social care sector, including Hospital Social Work for many years, before joining ABS in 2011.  Then I did not know much about Architecture before I joined the Society, but the people I have met whilst travelling the length and breadth of the UK have brought me up to speed.  It is these people, always so welcoming, who make my job so enjoyable.  Being a Welfare Officer provides me with a real insight into how the Society can make a meaningful difference to people’s lives."

  • Feeling anxious or stressed?

    We offer practical support to people experiencing anxiety, stress or anxiety based depression through our partnership with Anxiety UK.
  • Corporate Supporter Scheme

    This is a great way for companies to give back and demonstrate a commitment to supporting the wellbeing of people in the profession.
  • Join our team of Ambassadors

    Our ambassadors are volunteers who help us to raise awareness of the work we do or fundraise for us in regions all over the country.