Help us rebuild lives this Christmas

 "Just when life seems good, fate can really turn round and kick you in the teeth. That’s what happened to me. And it could happen to any one of us, which is why it’s very reassuring to know that as professionals who work in the built environment, we can turn to the Society for help when we need it." ~ Thomas

An accident or injury can happen to anyone, putting them out of work for an extended period of time or having additional costs to pay - such as the expensive hospital parking fees or even house adaptions.  At the Architects Benevolent Society, we are unique in being able to provide immediate financial assistance to those in the wider architectural professional in times of crisis.  This is what happened to Thomas when he least expected it.  


Thomas is sharing his story this Christmas to help us raise money to continue to help others in the profession.  He understands, from first hand experience, the benefit of having a charity to help during these unexpected times.  Please take the time to read his personal letter to all those in the built profession. 

This Christmas, please help us light the way for people like Thomas, whose lives have been turned upside down suddenly.  

But Thomas is only one of the people we helped this year and we desperately need your support to help more people like him.  Please, give whatever you can to help those struggling this Christmas.

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