Exercise in Practice - Guest Post by Orms

The annual ABS Chicken Run has been hosted by various practices over the years. This year, Orms have taken on the challenge. Whilst they have been busy organising the after party and race itself, the Orms team have also been encouraged to start training for the day! We've already shared a lot about the importance of exercise and its impact on mental health in previous articles this month. Today, however, Orms share what they do as a practice.

“We are delighted to be hosting the ABS Chicken Run this year, which has inspired our whole office to become more active. We have successfully relaunched the Orms Running Club and look forward to heading out of the office together on Tuesday lunchtimes for an hour.

“These weekly running sessions have been a great source of mental health relief from daily work pressures. It has improved our physical health and increased comradery plus it has been a great way to clear our minds and re-energise for the second half of the day. It has made us a bit competitive too.” – Ivan

Introducing the Monthly Challenge:

This led to the introduction of the monthly Orms Stepping Challenge. Our first one started on March 18th, which saw 32 of us set off on a rather ambitious 14 day ‘walk’ from Kingston to Brighton, a total of 60 miles.

Luckily, we didn’t actually have to walk there, but instead used a handy app that calculated our daily progress and plotted it on a virtual map. Unsurprisingly a little healthy rivalry ensued, with Jared, Butch, John and Celia arriving within hours of each other the following Monday morning, only 7 days into the challenge. Celia ultimately finished top of the table, with a whopping 99 miles covered in the 14 days. The majority of us made slightly slower progress, but a very respectable 18 Steppers arrived in Brighton on time with the rest only a couple of miles off.

Our second challenge begins on April 19th, and will reward the consistent walkers. Our goal is to reach a minimum of 8,000 steps a day for ten days. The highest stepper will be presented with the Orms Stepping Cup, and everyone who completes the challenge will receive a home baked sweet treat!”

The Chicken Run is a fun and friendly 5K that is good for all levels. It is short enough to accommodate for the beginner runners – or walkers – but also includes chip timing, which allows the more experienced runners to keep a track of their time. The after party is always a great day, with food, drinks, networking and awards.

Join Orms and ABS on 8th June 2019 at our annual Chicken Run. Early Bird tickets are on sale until end of April. Find out more here or to get your tickets today.

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