Celebrating the work of our Ambassadors

Since launching the Ambassador programme, it has gone from strength to strength. We now have over 40 volunteer Ambassadors in the UK.

Our Ambassadors’ dedication and hard work has helped to significantly enhance the Society’s profile and we have seen more people turn to us for support.

They have boosted our publicity and social media presence, beneficiary engagement, and we have seen an increase in new donors and supporters. We are better connected with the professions than ever before.

Here are just a few of the highlights from the last twelve months.


A number of our events have been heavily supported by our Ambassador team. For example, we were thrilled to see so many Ambassadors from around the UK come together to take part in the ABS Chicken Run, as well as fundraise, promote the event and volunteer on the day.

Our Ambassadors also encouraged their places of work to take part in ‘Bake the World a Better Place’, making a huge success of this new fundraiser.

We have also been really impressed by personal fundraising challenges, such as “3 Tri’s for 3 Charities” in Belfast.

Spreading the Word

Several Ambassadors in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland have been spreading the word about ABS through presentations to practice staff to raise general awareness about the support we provide and how people can get involved in supporting our charity.

Building Relationships and Corporate Support

We have built stronger relationships with membership organisations and their branches such as CIAT, RSUA and regional connections have been made within the RIBA Wessex branch.

We have also welcomed a new Corporate Supporter through the Ambassadors; Matchbox Architects, which has become our first Pinnacle supporter.

Get Involved

We are still recruiting Ambassadors throughout the UK who represent all the membership bodies that we support. If you are interested in knowing more about you can contact the fundraising team: fundraising@absnet.org.uk

We would like to thank all the Ambassadors involved in the activities above:

ENGLAND: Hannah Fothergill, Alison Thornton Sykes, Rebecca Ridge, Stephen Drew, Peter Watkins, Neil Scroxton, Darren Bray.

SCOTLAND: Andy McLeish, Rick McCluggage, Gary Mees.

NORTHERN IRELAND: Alina Holyst, Eddie Weir and Rori Millar.

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