An Apple a Day - Guest Post by HTA

Following the theme of nutrition, ABS got in touch with HTA Design LLP, who have a chef onsite who cooks for staff every day. This ensures that everyone has a nutritious meal at work and helps to promote good health and well-being, both physically and mentally. Here you can read about the benefits of having a communal lunch break from a member of staff at HTA. 

"Lunch has always been an integral part of HTA’s culture and the health and well-being of our employees is an important part of day-to-day life at HTA. We have provided a nutritional breakfast, fresh fruit and a cooked lunch since 1969 and continue this tradition today. Providing a kitchen is just as important as providing desk space to our employees.

HTA’s kitchens are placed in the heart of our London & Edinburgh studios, providing a generous amount of space to encourage our staff to sit, chat and network with each other over lunch. Having lunch at 1pm provides a scheduled welcome break away from the desks and a chance to enjoy some social interaction, which is found to be good for supporting and encouraging good mental health.

HTA’s catering team promotes healthy eating and caters for a range of National Awareness Events such as Veganuary and Veggie Month, giving employees a full range of nutritional and healthy lunch choices, which you can check out on our HTA Lunch Instagram. Staff also have the opportunity to become involved and have their say with the lunch menu. A survey is sent out weekly to which our staff can pick their favourites from the previous week and help decide what can feature on next week’s menu allowing involvement and encouragement for staff to join the communal HTA lunch space. The catering team’s growth and constant improvements ensures that staff feel valued, cared for and well sustained during their working day.

The famous HTA lunch increases staff morale as employees have the chance to meet fellow colleagues from different levels, specialisms and teams whom they haven’t had chance to work with yet. From the 2019 Staff Opinion Survey, a staggering 89% of employees stated that the Free daily Breakfast, Lunch and Refreshments was their most valued HTA staff benefit."

HTA have kindly shared two of their favourite recipes which you can view following the links below:

Lamb Tarkari (Nepali Lamb Yogurt Curry)

Chilli Roast Cauliflower

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