Other Charity Organisations

Here are some other useful charities: 

Association of Charitable Organisations is the national umbrella body for charitable organisations in the UK. You can look through their directory of charities and see if there are any that may be useful.  

Charity Commission Here is the official register for all charities in the UK. You can search for charities and also register your own. There are also news updates on the charity sector.

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  • Feeling anxious or stressed?

    We offer practical support to people experiencing anxiety, stress or anxiety based depression through our partnership with Anxiety UK.
  • Corporate Supporter Scheme

    This is a great way for companies to give back and demonstrate a commitment to supporting the wellbeing of people in the profession.
  • Join our team of Ambassadors

    Our ambassadors are volunteers who help us to raise awareness of the work we do or fundraise for us in regions all over the country.