Why is the scheme based on an amount per employee rather than a fixed sum each year?

This enables practices of all sizes, from sole practitioners to global multidisciplinary organisations to have the opportunity to support our charity. If we set an annual amount at each level, this could prevent some smaller practices who would like to support the Society from joining the scheme.

Why should our practice support the Architects Benevolent Society?

Professions in the built environment are vulnerable, with unpredictable workloads, especially in times of economic or political uncertainty. Salaries are generally low when compared to other professionals. These are just some of the pressures faced by the professions we support. In times of need, we can provide immediate support to get people back on their feet and prevent them getting deeper into crisis.

What if our practice wants to make a one off donation instead of joining the Corporate Supporter scheme?

We welcome and value any donations to our charity as they will be used to support our beneficiaries in times of need. However, regular giving can help us to secure sustainable funds and to plan our charitable spend.

If we give regularly as a practice, are we automatically eligible to join the Corporate Supporter scheme?

Your practice may be eligible with your existing level of annual giving if the total amount corresponds to the amount per head as described at Foundation, Keystone or Pinnacle level. However, as there are associated benefits for your business at each level in the scheme, money given is treated more like a sponsorship rather than a straightforward donation. Please contact the fundraising team for further discussion.

  • Feeling anxious or stressed?

    We offer practical support to people experiencing anxiety, stress or anxiety based depression through our partnership with Anxiety UK.
  • Corporate Supporter Scheme

    This is a great way for companies to give back and demonstrate a commitment to supporting the wellbeing of people in the profession.
  • Join our team of Ambassadors

    Our ambassadors are volunteers who help us to raise awareness of the work we do or fundraise for us in regions all over the country.