How we helped an unemployed female AT Professional

We always respect the privacy of those we help. Even those who do not wish to be named often want to share their stories. 
“From sudden unemployment, with ABS on my side, I got back on my feet and did not have to give up on my dream of working in the architectural industry.”
The situation
My BSc in Architectural Technology did not prepare me for sudden unemployment.
When I graduated with a high honours degree, the economy did not look promising, but I found work quickly and felt I'd made a good start. Only one year later, I was at a desperate stage of life. I'd been made suddenly redundant. 
Like so many recent graduates, I had no support structure around me and not enough experience to compete in the jobs market. And, as a woman in a male-dominated industry, I began to lose hope for my career ever getting going. The Job Centre could only give me limited support, and said they could not offer me the kind of guidance and specialist help needed for the architectural industry.
How we came to help
Thankfully, I discovered the Architects Benevolent Society (ABS) offices when walking to the Job Centre. The ABS has since become my light at the end of a long dark tunnel – even though I'd never imagined they would help someone young like myself. 
How we helped rebuild a life
The ABS was there for me in so many ways – I went from feeling trapped and with no way out to a place of security and positivity. The ABS staff welcomed me, listened to me and reminded me that support is available for people in my position. Their grant helped me pay my bills, get back on my feet and rebuild my confidence.
A promising career ahead
With ABS on my side, I did not have to give up on my dream of working in the architectural industry.

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